An Open Letter To The President

The request for ventilators by governors may be erring on the side of ending up with slightly more than they need. The alternative is…not having enough. And when ya don’t have enough, people die, needlessly. What’s the worst that could happen, too many ventilators? I don’t think that’s an issue to consider right now.
If we should conquer this illness in America, there are many other countries that have not, and will not,  without our help, survive. Once We are free of the ravishes of this disease, there will be many other countries that have not been so fortunate.
WE PAY IT FORWARD! AS ANY COMPASSIONATE COUNTRY WOULD DO.     Provide the needed equipment to them.
I simply wish this idiot would stop, trying to look at the financial ramifications….for once. Provide supplies for the ill, provide protective gear for the front line workers, the second line workers,  ramp up production on everything we now need.
Singling out certain Governors because you “Don’t like them” is petty, it’s selfish, it’s narrow minded. And most importantly dangerous.
Try to be a President for ONCE! In fact just try to be a human being, just this one time. Try to put away your self centered tendencies, try to think of the sick and dying, try not to inject yourself, and how things affect you, into this equation. Just this one time. It’s all the citizens are asking of you.
You could turn your Presidency around with actions that save American lives, but I guess that wouldn’t fly with the folks at Fox News, or the Right Wing radio host.
Apparently, that’s how shallow you are, and it’s disgusting.