A Mullet on the Beach…

A mullet on the beach…
     Have you ever seen a mullet, unintentionally deposited on the beach by a wave? As they flop and wail and work to get back to that safe place, they will do anything, any gyration that will move them closer to the safety of the water.
    Well, we have a mullet in charge now. He has muffed his opportunity to act swiftly, so he is now floundering on the beach, trying to get back to the cool waters of his base.
     Everything he is saying now, is a conscious effort to provide sound bites for the future. He’s on the beach, he’s flopping in the sand.
    He missed the opportunity to do the right thing. He denied the problem, he downplayed the problem, and he advised all to follow his lead as he did so.
Then it got real. While denying he was aware of the oncoming pandemic initially, he quickly began to say he knew it before anyone else. Well, poor mullet, we have audio, we have video, we have news print and we have our own memory to dispute that flailing attempt.
    So, while you recognize your still on the beach, still bouncing and twisting to get back to that cool water, you begin to act like you don’t need that water at all.
    In fact, you apparently have decided that the trip to the water is not as important, as the message that you are happy on the beach. Everyone should be happy your on the beach. All the other mullets, who swim safely offshore, should be happy to support their beached friend.
    Well, funny thing about a mullet being stranded on the beach, they soon begin to lose oxygen. When that begins to happen, they panic, you panic.
     And then come the sound bites. The truth of your situation, takes a back seat. Your only thought is, How can I make this bad situation better….for me.
      So this particular mullet knows, that it must appear in charge, no matter how dire the situation. Then it lies, yep, all is good, we got this, you should be glad we are in charge.
     The only difference in this example of the mullet on the beach, and the situation we find ourselves in now, is the mullet on the beach is not killing thousands by his gyrations and denials. Wish we could say the same about the mullet in the Whitehouse.
Vote, it’s important.