Turns out, I have been naive…..

Well, this year I’ll turn 69. While I have always leaned left, for 50 + years, I was naive. I grew up in the Kennedy years. Now, I was aware of Eisenhower, and as a young person I admired his rise as a war hero turned President. We all thought about the leader who served us through a World War and as President ushered us into the Baby Boom era.

Nothing was more clear as a child than the idea that, anyone, could become President, if they applied themselves, worked hard, and were honest in their convictions. Another idea I think  most of us thought was, someone elected by the people , should serve the people. Wasn’t hard to grasp. It seemed logical. Why would someone want to be elected in a position that allowed them to make the country we live in better, if they did not have the best interest of those that elected them in mind and heart?

So, for around 50 years, being in the arts, playing music, I gravitated to the liberal side of ideology. I protested with Abbey Hoffman at Rice University in the early seventies. I met Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, partied with Van Halen, did illustrations for the liberal newspaper of the time. I performed at benefits, it’s really all I could contribute at the time, I was a Houston Hippie that had a job. Maybe not as radical as San Francisco hippie, but it appealed to me.

So, I lived that ideology from my early 20’s on. As the years went by, my inclination to believe that people were basically good guided my actions on how to treat people and how others should treat fellow human beings.
I believed, at the time, that most people had the same goal. There were occasions I voted Person and not PARTY. . I believed that the people in government all wanted the same thing…..harmony and prosperity among it’s citizens.

Well, apparently I was wrong.

Current events have brought a new focus. I guess because I was familiar with the candidates in 2016, and the rhetoric they espoused opposing Trump, I thought, this TV sudo-Star could never win.

Well he did. Now don’t ever get it twisted that I was some kind of political junky….I most definitely was not. But, when that went down, I had a real bad feeling. But, I thought,  we elected Ronald Reagan(at least he had been a Governor) and that didn’t destroy us….what’s the worst that could happen?

I started paying attention in 2015, probably for the first time. Don’t exactly know why, but I suspect it was talk by candidates about lowering prescription prices, or protection of  Medicare and Medicaid, or even the talk of ending the “never ending wars”. Sounded like there were a few things I agreed with.
‘Then he won. From the tone of  in his Inauguration  speech, I was worried, and it didn’t get better.

So, most of us know the rest of the story to this point. But, what I have learned in the meantime is this…… It’s not like we thought growing up. Not at all.

What I am seeing is this. The right leaning populace seem to admire the crudeness of this man, the propensity to mangle the truth, doesn’t bother them, they cheer at his rallies as he speaks of Regulation rollbacks and tax cuts, and are firmly with the President, the Republican Party is clinging on to the thought that this man is getting them what they have wanted for years. Why else would they bend over backwards to defend him? . And there in lies the rub…as they say.

Yes, they got Supreme Court Justices installed, yes they cut regulations that were costing industry money, and yes we got that friggin’ tax cut for the rich! But, as most thinking people can see, the cost was shifted to the middle class. The money has to come from somewhere. While the Republican Party used to be deficit hawks, spending hawks, (the exception being for the military industrial complex) they now realize with this malleable  infant in the Whitehouse,.. as long as we boost his ego, we can get everything we want, and to Hell with the cost. We’ll deal with him when WE’RE done.
It’s a dangerous tac. Apparently they are willing to risk it.

This is what I have come to believe over the last four years.

There are two separate and distinct factions in this country. One side, seems to revel in the fact we are divided, the other fights the division and wants to have government for all. What’s ironic to me is this. While the President boast he is the    champion of the middle class (never addresses the poor), he, at every turn, sides with big business, oil concerns, the wealthy donors, corporations, opening wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks to be drilled, Be honest with yourself, has any tax cut benefited the middle class, has any cut in regulation been beneficial for the average citizens, and do you really believe that cuts to so called “safety net programs” will help citizens who rely on these programs in the later stages of their life. Insurance works like this….When your young you pay in and it may not immediately benefit you, but as you age, you can take advantage of the programs you paid into…your entire life. Yes the healthy assist the unhealthy, but their turn will eventually come to receive the benefits. That is a given, that’s the way ALL insurance works, private, public, welfare, social security….. that’s the only way they can operate through generations. The healthy eventually become health challenged, the young eventually become the elderly and we have a system to provide for these eventualities.

Here’s what I think I know now. From a guy who was convinced the elected officials had my best interest in mind, to a guy who knows they don’t. I know this. Republicans are engaged in the effort to increase their wealth. Republican members of Congress appear to be more concerned with maintaining their promises to lobbyist, their influx of cash from Superpacs, their inclination to lean into commerce and the lowering of safeguards intended to protect CITIZENS, oh as of now. re-election……dang, not good.

I recently received a link on my Facebook page. It was a reply to a negative post I did on tRump. The link led to a reported and disturbing disappearance of 600,000 children. No bodies found…”How can this happen?” The article went on to say that children were being kidnapped and used for their blood. They linked Hillary Clinton, and Obama to it. Very disturbing to read. I thought,  WTF!  I followed the link, just to see what this was about. Within one minute of reading, I knew what this was about.

The website was DCdirtylaundry.com . If you ever want to view a source of the right wing pundits and their convoluted grasp of the world around them. Go to the website. Conspiracy theories abound…..it was unbelievable.

Now, I feel the deck is stacked, If this amount of propaganda is out there, and it appears there are many other sites like this,  how can the wimpy Democrats respond.

To make my point, I will once again give my un-informed opinion of Government.

What I have seen is this. The Republicans have sold their soul, for reasons I have  mentioned before. Their goal is to stay in office. Their secondary concern is courting lobbyist who help them stay in office, and you can insert the lust for simple unadulterated power. The division in the country is something they use to their advantage. Dog whistles are serving a purpose. The thinly veiled racism is part of the plan. It seems they are determined to energize the “BASE” at any cost. It’s their plan to “Win”

Democrates, while never perfect, are at least looking out for their constituents. Of course there have been Democrats that have profited from their position, but to compare one party to the other is a very unbalanced equation.
I don’t  want to  generalize, but it appears, every candidate up for election, would be a better choice than what we have.

I know…..Republicans out there will disagree.
‘To remind folks….the people we elect…serve us. ( No matter how you slice it ) they are there  to  serve…..US.        I was naive in that belief.







Turns out, this country is divided. It’s divided in a way we haven’t seen since the civil war. Now that might appear radical in thought. Ask your self this, have we ever seen this much division in our lifetime? The thing that has exacerbated this condition, lives in the Whitehouse while we read this.

Now I know there will be knee-jerk reaction to this statement, but, I want