Hmmmm? 99% of those infected, will have no symptoms? Uhhhh, I don’t think that’s right.

   Forget that phenomenally stupid statement “ we have more cases, because we have more testing.”  IGNORANT RHETORIC!

   I would challenge anyone to defend that statement. Does the President actually believe, that the number of test administered, can determine the unseen number of infections?

  So we administer test, in their limited numbers, and from that we can determine the number of infected Americans. Are you shitting me?

    Infections are there, with or without testing. The ravages of this virus will infect those no matter how many are documented.  Just because you aren’t tested, does not mean you are not infected…..are we stupid?

   Unless we are able to test millions, and millions, and trace,…testing doesn’t provide accurate information.

   Please, do not get it twisted. We are testing at a rate much lower than the countries that have actually, “flattened the curve”. The per capita infection rate, is the one we should look at.

   Our infection rate, is high…simply as an indicator. We are leading the world in infection numbers. Yep, America is number one, and if being number one is an indicator of GREATNESS,  then we should be proud to be number one in infections. Yippeee!

   So, when a cult leader, leads his followers to certain demise, do they know they are pawns in his plan? He’s eager to sacrifice his followers, for the greater good. How do you feel about that?

    He beckons his minions to join him, in mass. He says, this world wide pandemic, is a hoax.

    Followers apparently are willing to risk their lives to support their leader. And if the stakes weren’t life and death, it might be a reasonable response. But now, it is no longer a life and death situation for followers, It’s a life and death situation for our military, it’s a life and death situation for our allies, it’s a life and death situation for the American people.

    The choices being made now, by this President, are not geared towards protecting Americans, they are geared towards protecting the fortunes of Donald Trump.

    Trumpers can deny it, but they must not want to delve into his past and conversely your future.

  I can only point to a couple of important things. Farmers are losing their farms, the coal industry, is dying, and those employed in that industry, are suffering. Steel production, has not increased under Trump, no matter how much he claims it is. TARIFFS do not work. The cost of tariffs are passed to the consumer. No piggy bank for tariff funds to be directed to an imaginary coffer which we can collect the bounty.   An imbecile could claim otherwise. We see the evidence in the failure of those effected.

  Puzzling to me, that the very people he pretends to embrace, are the ones who stand to lose the most.

    Universal health care is something most countries have access to. He fights it. Why? Well, the insurance industry has deep pockets, and they are ready to pass a little along, for favorable legislation.

   Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, the Postal Service, the Military, Social Security, the National Guard, are all socialist programs. You people are all willing to give up on those benefits provided by the Government, that is socialism…it’s just a word. No stronger than any other word than it is to describe the Government providing for you. And  to be clear…YOU HAVE PAID INTO YOUR ENTIRE WORKING LIFE!.

The trigger point seems to be the simple word “Socialism” no other word is as important to those that stand for America. Well, Communism might be in the running. So, if you mention the S word, or the C word, there is an immediate backlash. As I mentioned before, we have many branches of government that could be described as…….S or C.

   To me, it would be more important to understand what those terms really mean.

   The government should be bound to provide for it’s people. They should use the taxes we pay into our entire life, to provide for us in our time of need. No debate, it is what the government should provide. Not socialism, not communism, just taking care of our citizens.


   When we look at the current situation, a Pandemic, social unrest, unemployment in numbers we have never seen, mixed signals from the top of Government, is anybody surprised at the response?

    We can ignore how we got here, but we, deep down know, the situation we find ourselves in, is diametrically opposed to every thing we have believed in for almost 250 years.

   Divide, ….Unite?  In November, we have a choice. Make it count.