Trump is Killing Americans….

I am convinced, this idiot does not want to be re-elected. Why else would he make decisions that take lives unnecessarily?

   Does he think a divided America, is a strong America?

   Apparently, yes.

  He has applied his narcissistic influence on everything from the Post Office to the Military. Denying info to the CDC? Are you insane? Yep. That’s my conclusion. Nobody would make the decisions he has, with a right mind. He doesn’t have a clue….his empathy level, is ZERO,

   If we would look at his followers and assume that this is the pulse of the country….we are lost.

   The old axiom “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” is misleading the majority to think they have already  lost. We have not lost. We know he’s bad for this country, but we also know, he does not represent the MAJORITY. He represents the lost, the misguided, the uneducated and he most famously represents the White Suprematist ideology. F’ing David Dukes endorsed him!

    To act the way he does in the midst of a pandemic, offers up volumes of information. Apparently he does not feel empathy for the lost. Have we seen any outreach to any of the families who have lost loved ones…nope!.

   In fact, now, he has decided to ignore the virus and the misery it has caused.

    Funny, his latest rant said, We have a lot of things coming in the next eight weeks, we have things, nobody has thought of. You will be seeing them in about 8 weeks. SO WHAT ARE THEY YOU SECRETIVE GENIUS?

   Let’s extrapolate, in  our world, these promised magical actions, will occur about a month before the vote. So 8 weeks of anticipating this great achievement is sooo exciting.

   If you haven’t figured it out yet..he’s got nothing.

  He divides on a monumental scale. He has no empathy, he actually has no feelings for anyone but himself.

   You are an idiot if you  believes the image of this  great leader is something you saw on the TV show “The Apprentice”  you should know the facts.

   Firstly, he had no,”Board Room”  they built a set. His real office has been described as a seventies throwback in decor. Very little functionality. Absolutely no Computer!

    Now we hear from family members, who have so much to lose. They say, basically…..we are fucked.

    He is the worst human on the planet to run this country.

   My argument has always been, who does this man govern for?

    So far, it appears he governs for himself.

   If you haven’t figured it out yet….he does not give a shit about you.

  When I see sycophants dressed in Full Trump attire, I can only relate it to fads from the past. People actually outfit trailers with tRump messages.  I’ve laid It out before, people like to “Belong”. BUT DAMN! A devisive leader who, destroys the former example of the democratic experiment, is the one to follow?

   A man who wants to eliminate  “Affordable Care Act” with no replacement. Obama achieved it, we must eliminate it.

   If you enable this idiot in the next election, we are fucked!

    While I know this post will never reach many. We should be aware, that this virus is real, it is killing us.

    To deny the severity of this pandemic, is placing Trump as an accessory to murder.

     This is the man you want to control your future. We are dying!

    Wake up supporters! Wear a fucking mask! It’s not an encroachment on freedoms, it’s simply an action we can take to limit infection.’’

   J….sus, think about the country as a whole. WE ARE DYING!